Bridal Hair COMBS

Transform your hairstyle with Stephanie Browne’s range of elegant hair combs. Whether you’re sporting an elegant up-do, half up/half down, or all down style this smaller headpiece option adds sparkle without taking attention away from your gown. From bold symmetrical Art Deco bridal combs to flowing nature-inspired pieces, you’ll find a style to suit your unique look.

Each piece is carefully handmade in Melbourne using sparkling Swarovski crystal and Quartz, shimmering fresh water and Swarovski pearl and Rhodium plating for a non-tarnishing finish. Browse our range of wedding hair combs below.

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Ailana Comb
Viva Comb
Halo Comb
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Maxine Comb

Style Tips

Up Styles

If you’ve decided on an elegant bun on the crown of your head or a windswept chignon there are a variety of ways to wear your headpiece. If the bun is in the middle of the head place the comb directly on top or under it. Alternatively you can place it to the side of the bun or closer to the front of your head. This looks great with asymmetrical pieces. If you’re wearing a veil you can either attach it or place it to the side of the head. Once the veil is removed you can move the comb for a different look.

Half-up or Down Styles

For half-up styles secure your hair at the back horizontally. Alternatively take a piece of hair from one side (if you have a side part, take it from the short side) and fasten the comb above your ear.  

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