Celebrating 30 years

Celebrating 30 years
"I can proudly say I... still... love what I do.  " - Stephanie Browne

I am still learning, still creating and still observing the beauty around me - beauty in nature, art, designers & inspirational people. Stephanie Browne started as a family business in 1988 and it continues that way today with Stephanie's daughter Chelsea and son Andrew. 'Bridal is more about fashion than ever before and I am loving it" she says... " This year takes my favorite elements from the past 30 years and reintroduces them in inventive & creative ways."
As the celebrations begin, this first release is all about Regal halos & statement drops - a strong return to our Modern and Deco elements with a revival of Hollywood glamour. Bejeweled stars, hand made porcelain roses, hand carved mother of pearl and vintage inspired hand cast settings. 
'Thank you to our wonderful stockists for their support over all our years and we look forward to delighting everyone again this special year.'
Stephanie x

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